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1001 Odysseys

Produket er dessverre helt ute av sortimentet mitt, og kommer (sannsynligvis) aldri igjen. Jeg beklager!

Alder Fra 14 år
Antal spillere 1-5 spillere
Spilletid 45-90 minutter
Spill-beskrivelsen er dessverre ikke oversatt til norsk ennå. Spillet er på engelsk, og jeg vil derfor oppfordre deg til å lese den engelske spill-beskrivelsen nedenfor og ta en titt på bildene til venstre.

1001 Odysseys is a game of fantastic space adventures. A human ship, the Odyssey, sets out to explore a new sector of the galaxy after finding an operational alien stargate. Players take on the roles of the Odyssey's bridge crew, as they find planets, meet strange new aliens, and eventually try to find the way back home!

Each time the group sits down at the table, they play through an Episode: one co-operative adventure that spans several scenes with different story choices and conclusions. The game comes with over a dozen episodes, telling the story of the Odyssey's adventures. No two playthroughs of a given episode will be exactly alike, as your choices impact the outcome of both scenes and how the episode's story turns out.

The stories and scenes are contained in two books. The Adventure Log contains a different scene on each page, and is placed on the table as the playing-area for tokens and actions to be placed. Activities within a scene will cause a paragraph to be read from the Book of Events, and these paragraphs will give additional information and inform how the scene proceeds. Crew members have an array of card based abilities that will let them collaborate and complete these activities.

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